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I (xtostos) started translating ‘Breaking off the engagement .. Bring it on!’ on the 1st of February 2017.
I reached my initial goal, which was chapter 18, I reached my then main goal which was chapter 36, I reached my bonus goal which was chapter 51.
I concluded my translation on the 20th of February, but because my days start at high noon and end at around 5AM, that makes it 10 days.
Taken together, I translated 40 chapters of this nice story following our heroine Ririina on her quest for romance and battle.
I published this translation from the 10th until the 26th so that makes 4 chapters translated per day and 2.5 published per day.

The web novel 婚約破棄……望むところです。 is ongoing with 168 chapters and regular updates. I have translated 11-51 of these.
If anyone, whether group or individual, wants to pick up this story and continue translating it, feel free to do so, there is no need to contact me. Just go for it.

This translation appeared like a storm and will leave like a storm. Have fun. If you ever get 2 weeks off consider riding a whim all the way.

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Vol. 4 Wizard’s Soul ~Koi no Seisen~ complete

And after what seems like a really long time, finally, the final volume has been completed.

There were some serious delays due to real life business of the staff, so the chapters were 2/3rds done for months without the chance to finish them.


Vol 4 consists of chapters 17 – 22. These are the current direct links to them on

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Vol 4 (17 to 22) is the final Volume of this manga. It’s done.


Vol. 3 Wizard’s Soul ~Koi no Seisen~ complete

So, I thought I’d write a post since we did complete a volume. 6 days ago, in fact.


Vol 3 consists of chapters 12 – 16. These are the current direct links to them on

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Ch 17 – 20 are being worked on by editing and typesetting. Ch 17 should be out in the coming few days I’d say.

Vol 4 (17 to 22) is the final Volume of this manga. Look forward to it.


Wizard’s Soul 〜恋の聖戦〜 Announcement

Hey there, if you got here ’cause you’re following the blog, it’s been a while.

First of, this is NOT about Breaking off the engagement .. Bring it on!

That project is already done with, as far as I am concerned.


This time I’m going to announce that I have, yet again, started a translation on a whim.

Wizard’s Soul 〜恋の聖戦〜


Wizard’s Soul 〜恋の聖戦〜 (Koi no Seisen <- Holy War of Love) is a Manga created by Mangaka Aki Eda from August 2013 until August 2015.

It has been completed with 4 Volumes and 22 Chapters in it’s country of origin.

It was being published by Media Factory in the monthly magazine Comic Flapper.

At some point someone started scanlating this manga but that trailed off completely after the first 10 chapters.

I took up the translation of that series, and thanks to volunteers who offered to help me with the non-translation stuff involved in scanlation started working on the rest of the chapters.

You can find the Manga on by clicking here.

Baka-Updates Page is here.


Current Staff : primary roles:

xtostos : translation

Connie : typesetting

Derek : editing, cleaning


In any case, I may post a few more updates on this as new chapters are released. I’m not exactly sure on the frequency of that, if possible I don’t want to post an update for every single chapter. After all, I don’t unnecessarily want to spam those of you who started following this blog back during Ririina’s adventures. I have simply been told that having a sort of scanlation-groupish website would be helpful in regards to some things, so I’m using this space for that.

A Present

“Ririina, what does Sana like?”

What was the person that entered people’s rooms without so much as knocking saying? Brother mine.

“Big Brother .. let us knock when we want to enter people’s rooms. So, what Sana likes, it is? Wouldn’t it be better to ask the person herself?”

“Mu. Weren’t you the one who told me to show my gratitude to her? What’s more, if I’m doing that anyhow wouldn’t I want to surprise her as well.”

Surprise her, you say.
What exactly are you planning to prepare for her. [1]

“Let’s see, she does like flowers ordinarily. I know she is often helping out with taking care of the flowers in the garden. And Big Brother, you have a lot of contact with her as well, so wouldn’t you know what Sana is interested in?”

Upon those words Brother fell into deep thought, mumbling ‘hmm’.
If possible I wish you would worry about it in your own room.
Possibly because I had just been about to sleep .. I was sleepy.

“Ah–, hmm? … that’s it!!”


A weird voice slipped out as I got startled.
It’s kind of embarassing.

“Ririina! I have decided!”

“Big Brother .. you’re loud. .. so, what did you decide.”

“Aah, I won’t tell you yet. It’s a secret.”

Oi, Brother mine, what’s up with that after bothering me this much?
In the end Brother left the room without saying anything.

.. and 2 days after that happened, Brother still hadn’t returned home.
Alek-sama said after talking to me Brother immediately went to talk to him.
That it would take about 3 days for everyone to recover, so they would be taking a rest for that time, and that he himself would go out for a bit.
Just in case, Alek-sama did ask where he was headed, it appeared, but Brother wouldn’t tell him.
How far did he go?

On that topic, Sana seemed to have become sort of an idol amongst the order’s knights.
The two that had witnessed Sana’s fighting appearance had told the rest about it and things got fired up.
Erm, what was it again, if I’m right ‘The wanting to get hit by Sana-sama’s whip corps’ or something strange like that had popped up.
Ah, and also the ones that witnessed Anjiu-sama’s fighting style created the ‘Wanting to get hit by Anjiu-sama’s rod corps’. [2]

That’s kinda amazing, actually.
The naming is an issue, but wanting to get hit (corps), huh.
If they started bothering Sana and Anjiu-sama too much I conveyed the two that they should feel free to do as those units want and hit away.
By the way, the strange name that was appended to me got crushed without delay. [3]

Meanwhile Brother returned.
Let’s see what he had prepared.

When I was going to welcome him back .. what is the meaning of this?
Brother was battered up.
As one would expect he didn’t have any lethal injuries but his whole body was covered in wounds.
And for some reason his armor was full of soot.
The knights were also macking a ruckus saying things like ‘The Commander got done in!’ and ‘For the Commander to this extend ..’.
At the present his treatment came first, so I brought him back to a room.

“So, what exactly is the meaning of this Big Brother?”

Did I ask while smearing the super thick super effective salve on his wounds.

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“What, you say .. of course I mean these wounds! Just a while ago you were about to die, and while you didn’t get any fatal injuries, what is it with all these wounds. Just what where you doing!”

“Aah, no well, as I said I was going out to get a present for Sana.”

We’re not making progress.
What are you going to do about this.

“Big Brother, in that case what did you bring her as a present?”

“Ah, yes. I’ll tell you after I’ve handed it over to Sana. As expected, I want the one I give it to to be the first to see it.”

Ku, Brother was saying something reasonable for once.
But nothing that could be done about it. Let’s wait.

“But, I’m thankful for Ririina too, so I got you something as well. Here, this.”

I received what Brother lightly tossed at me.
Nh? This is ..
Eh! Is this!

“Big Brother, this is ..”

“Aah, pretty nice, ain’t it? I met some unexpected difficulties when trying to gather them. Couldn’t these be used on that sword of yours?”

“Eeh, that is true, but, does that mean for Sana then ..”

“Oo-to, don’t inquire any further than this. I would probably end telling you. .. Yoshi! Thanks for treating my wounds. By the way, I didn’t see Sana anywhere, do you know where she is?”

“Yes. If it’s her she had some sewing and such to do today, so she brought that to her room. It’s probably for a certain someone, in fact.”

“.. for whom?”

Grumbled Brother in a sullen way.
As if I’d tell you.
Exchange them by yourselves, you two.

Someone had come, it appeared.

“Ano, Ririina-sama, it’s Sana.”

Oh-to, nice timing.

“Eeh, it’s fine so come in.”

Sana entered saying ‘excuse me’.
Then got surprised seeing Brother.

“Eh .. Ricardo-sama, why are you wounded all over again like this! Moreover you seem kind of burned ..”

Saying so Sana drew closer to Brother.
Brother was acting kind of happy.
And then he took something out from behind his back.

“Sana, for recently thank you very much. I pondered a lot about what would make you happy, but I couldn’t think of anything but this. That’s why, please accept this.”

Saying so he gave her the present.
It was .. ‘A dragon-type monster’s whisker’.
Honestly, to actually get such a thing~ is what I was surprised about.
By the way, I had gotten some scales.

“I think Sana’s fighting figure is really cool, so what I came up with is something like this. If you use this you should be able to make a good whip out of it.”

Well, yeah.
These are ingredients for a highest class whip, after all.
That’s not an opponent you’d normally fight alone.

“As expected I didn’t manage to defeat it, but I did get this one whisker and a few scales. To think it would actually blow fire, that was unexpected.”

Brother was saying this while laughing, but this wasn’t a laughing matter.
You did well returning alive.
Incidentally, Sana isn’t saying anything, what could be the matter ..
Looking over at her Sana was .. crying.
And Brother was panicking.

“Na! Sana, did you hate this that much? I’m sorry! I should have just gotten you some flowers normally .. Ah, please don’t cry. I’m going to get you something different right away, so.”

” .. py.”

Sana was saying something with a tearful voice.

“Yes? What is it? Ah—, look, something to wipe those tears, er, Ririina, don’t you got anything?”

Brother was all flustered.
It was a bit amusing.

“Ricardo-sama .. I, I’m so happy .. and then I somehow started crying ..”

Sana gave it her utmost efforts to convey thus to Brother.

“Ricardo-sama, for my sake, such an amazing .. and what’s more to get all battered up like that. I’m happy, but I don’t like Ricardo-sama getting hurt. That’s why, next time .. please bring me along as well!”

Sana-san .. as expected of her.

“Aah, next time let’s bring down that monster together!”

Rather than unexpectedly, Brother and Sana made a pretty good combo, but was the only one thinking so me?
By the way, it goes without saying that the ‘Wanting to get hit by Sana-sama’s whip corps’ got crushed immediately once Brother learned of it’s existence.



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Translator’s notes

And they lived happily ever after. The dragons less so.

With this I have fulfilled my bonus goal as well. This is the last chapter I will be translating of this web novel, and also altogether. We have reached chapter 51 of, at the time of writing, 168. The web novel is still on going with regular updates in fact. From here on the journey will once again involve Leon in the next 8ish chapters, and further down the line the setting even changes to other countries, following Ririina.

I truly enjoyed the story thus far, but this is as far as the winds of my whim carry me. I started translating this on said whim 40 chapters and 10 days ago, though you will be reading this much later I reckon, with my digital dictionary in my digital hands.

If anyone wants to pick up this series now, feel free to do so. No need to contact me or anything. You can find the link to the web novel and also the author’s page on the Info and About tabs at the top.


PS: I didn’t say Idiot too many times, so please don’t burn this note except on burnable garbage days.

[1] Starting from this chapter Ririina is starting to relax her speech when she is thinking or describing things. Until now she had been doing so just as formally and high-classy as her actual speech, but from now on she is a lot more casual in her thoughts – she still talks almost as exceedingly properly as before though. Almost.
[2] A bit of a wordplay. The 打たれ隊 (wanting to get hit corps) uses utare (to be hit) and -tai (which denotes ‘to want’) but the -tai is replaced by the Kanji 隊 for corps/unit/squad which also reads as tai.
[3] It got crushed so fast that neither the name nor who exactly had crushed it was ever mentioned.

Brother, appears ➄


I ana Sana, with the help of Thoma and Aren-kun commenced the Brother Rescue Operation.
Though saying so, we could still only do our best to defeat the monsters in the way.
However, the speed of that had increased.

Thoma and Aren-kun fiercely headed towards the monsters.
Pressed down by their vigour the monsters lost a bit of their momentum.

But the really incredible one was Sana.
She had begun annihilating the monsters wordlessly.
What’s more, the course she took was the shortest direct line towards Brother.
I got the feeling that the power of her whip had increased even beyond usually.
And the monsters that strangely tried to distance themselves from her were increasing further ..

Monsters had begun trying to flee from the pressure we exerted.
Normally we wouldn’t spare any of them while hunting them down, but today we welcomed that because it meant could push forward to Brother.

When I finally reached the vincinity of Brother, an unbelievable spectacle appeared before my eyes.

Brother had .. collapsed.

No way, it’s that guy that’s fine even after Mother’s fists, you know ..

As if to protect that Brother Alek-sama was now facing the bird-type monsters that attacked Brother.
The two that were injured also endured their wounds as well as possible while fending off the attacks of the other surrounding monsters.
Sana seing Brother’s wounded appearance, shouted.

“How dare you! How dare you to Ricardo-sama–!!”

Sana snapped.
She went to round up the monsters that surrounded Brother and the others on her own.
Noticing that Thoma hastened after her.

Me and Aren-kun still hadn’t reached as far.
Mou, let’s get this over with already!!

I and Aren-kun coorperated to wipe out the monsters in the outer surroundings. (1)
As if to dispel all the irritation that had accumulated thus far.
And when we finally arrived at Brother’s side ..

Alek-sama who should have been fighting to protect Brother from the bird-type monsters was so battered up that he couldn’t grasp his sword anymore.
And in his place Sana was facing the bird-types.
Thoma had replaced the two knights and was keeping in check the other surrounding monsters.

The bird-types had begun their attack on Sana.
They were persistently aiming the beaks that had injured Brother to this extend at her.
In any case I checked on Brother’s condition.

It seems he had lost consciousness.
His wounds were .. terrible.
But, I had brought along with me a super-thick, super-effective salve made out of our medical herbs.
To normal people this would likely be a poinson and couldn’t be applied, but Brother would surely be fine.
I plastered the salve on his heavily injured back in particular.

Ah, he moved a little.
He is groaning something?
Are? This is effective, isn’t it?


Suprised by the bird-types’ cries I turned around just as Sana was dealing critical amounts of damage to them.
However, it would have been fine if things were settled with that but it instead incited an even deeper wrath amongst them.
The bird-types had started going berserk.
I quickly applied normaly effective medicine to Alek-sama and the two knights.
This was a medicine, made by me from medical herbs, that had become a rumor for being very effective.


Sana got pressured from above by the bird-type beaks.

“Sana! I’ll be right there!”

At the time that I had finished the general treatment and was trying to head over to hear, the bird-type monster’s beaks grasped Sana.

“What are you doing to Sana!”

The moment I tried to rush out to her, something passed by me with an incredible speed.
As I turned forward again to confirm what it was, I doubted my own eyes.
Brother who should have been unconscious under heavy injuries was punching the bird-types!

“Oi, poultry .. what are you doing to Sana? .. Apologize by dying!!”

Brother was, without even using his sword, viciously beating up the bird-type monsters with his own bare hands.
Scary~, to go quite that far is a bit ..
After Brother had crushed all the bird-types he walked over to Sana who had a blank look of amazement on.

“Sana, are you okay? .. you’re wounded all over. Sorry, you had to go through this because of me.”

Brother looked like he received a shock upon seeing Sana’s injuries.

“Ricardo-sama .. . I am alright! Scratches like this will heal right away. More importantly, Ricardo-sama has received far heavier injuries, is it really alright to be moving around like this?”

Sana worriedly looked at Brother’s wounds.

“Aah, it certainly hurts, but when I noticed that Sana was suffering damage from these birds for some reason my body moved on it’s own. I wonder why?”

Brother leaned his head to the side being confused by this from the bottom of his mind.
Brother mine, that means ..
Hm? Has there been some important change in their relation.
But, it’s those two so they will probably not notice this themselves.

In the meantime Thoma and Aren-kun returned after sweeping the remaining monsters around us.
Those two were just as surprised when they saw Brother being completely lively.
Aren-kun was very glad that his own Brother Alek-sama was save as well.

“Ririina-sama, thank you very much for this time. If you hadn’t moved right away the chivalric order would have surely been destroyed.”

Alek-sama and the two knights deeply lowered their heads.

“Ririina, sorry. This was my error of judgment. I hadn’t imagined that the number of monsters had increased to this extend. No, as a Comander that is a problem.”

Brother blamed himself in regret.

“I did only what I could. In addition, only because everyone coorperated we managed to overcome this without casualities this time. Big Brother, please don’t blame yourself too much. If not for you things would have been a lot more terrible.”

Upon hearing my words Brother regained a bit of his spirit.

“Also, Big Brother. While you’re thanking people, do not only thank me but also show your gratitude to Sana. Wouldn’t it be fine to get her a flower or something every once in a while.”

Brother made an obedient face and nodded.
.. he will be able to show his thanks properly at least once, right?



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Translator’s notes

Swords? Weapons? Who needs those! Punch ’em up!

(1) Imagine the battlefield as a half-circle. The straight line is the cliff, and there are three areas. The middle where the Brother protected his men from the bird-monsters, the inner ring which are the ground based monsters that he had also protected them from (and that now the 2 injured and Thoma were holding back) and the outer ring which is the big mass of monsters that Ririina and Aren are currently rounding up once and for all. At first Ririina and Sana had needed to push through the outer most ring. When Sana snapped she forcibly pushed through the inner ring and arrived at the center (Thoma followed her) but Ririina and Aren had still been somewhere within the outer most ring, though still closer than at the beginning.

Brother, appears ➃

Me and Sana, as well as Alek, us 3 moved to rescue Brother.
According to Alek aside from Brother there were 2 more people with him.

“The Commander is with them so I do think those two will be fine as well, but ..”

Said Alek while looking worried.
I’m sure they’re fine, after all I can’t imagine the figure of Brother getting brought down at all.
Even those two will get protected by him as well.

We hurried forward.
Especially Sana seemed unusually impatient, I felt.

“Just a bit more .. Ah! Over there!”

Looking over where Alek-sama was pointing at with his finger I could see a cluster of monsters.
Their number .. there were so many it would be more annoying to actually count them.
This amount of monsters rarely ever appeared.

Thinking of Brother I focused my gaze and .. there he was!
It appeared he was fighting with the back to a cliff (upwards).
I couldn’t see it clearly but it seemed the other two knights with Brother were already injured.
Brother was cutting down the monsters while covering for them, but .. he didn’t make much progress since their number was just too great.
He might have been able to do it if he was alone.


Sana yelled his name worriedly.
.. I do think there’s quite a fair distance between us and Brother, though .. but, just now, Brother is looking over to Sana, isn’t he?
No no, there’s no way ..
After all there’s all these monsters as well, there’s no way Sana’s voice could have reached .. but, he is unmistakably looking over here.

Even now Sana is looking like she wants to rush out, but is tightly enduring it waiting for me to issue directions.
Yep, sorry. I ended up contemplating my doubts over Brother’s hearing ability.

“Sana, sorry for making you wait. Saa, we’re going to to save Brother! Alek-sama, we are going to charge in now but please don’t worry about it. We are more used to monsters after all.”

Saying so I and Sana plunged into the crowd of monsters.
I raised my voice in order to direct the monster’s attention away from Brother even just a little more.


I, who usually didn’t make many sounds while fighting, raised my voice with fighting spirit.
As for Sana ..

“Fu-fu-fu, to try and defy Ririina-sama and Ricardo-sama .. you’re a hundred years too early! Apologize by dying!!”

Exclaiming so Sana swung her favourite whip while defeating the monsters around here.
I did get the feeling a few of the monsters were backing away from her too ..
Monsters escaping, that must surely be my imagination, right?

Possibly because of us drawing attention towards us the monsters around Brother and the other two seemed to have decreased.
I called out to Alek-sama.

“Alek-sama! Right now is your chance! Make your way to them and look after the state of the injured!”

Hearing my words Alek-sama quickly made his way to them.
In order for the monsters not to focus him me and Sana fight while raising our voices even more than before.
Especially Sana gave it her all.

“What silly fools you are .. . I won’t let you get to Ricardo-sama, you hear! If you really want to go there, do so after you have tried defeating me! O-ho-ho!”

Sana-san .. your character is changing.
What is up with that high pitched laugh? Where did you learn that?
I ended up getting more worried about Sana than the monsters.

The situation over at Brother’s was .. ho, Alek-sama was savely able to join up with them, it seemed.
In that case, I will still have to hunt these monsters!
I killed monsters after monsters while drawing closer to Brother and the other’s.
Sana advanced towards them in the same way.


At that moment we could hear the cries of birds.
Wondering wherefrom those came, looking around there were no monsters like that here.


When the cries could be heard once more, Sana exclaimed ‘Ah!’ while pointing somewhere.
Looking in that direction .. from above the cliff something came falling down?
No, those things weren’t falling, but flying!
Me and Sana yelled at once.

“Big Brother! Above!”
“Ricardo-sama! Watch out!”

The moment Brother head our yelling voices and looked up above him, the monsters were already right in front of his eyes.
Making use of his characteristic wild instinct-like sense, he covered Alek-sama and the other two in spite of that.
The bird-type monsters dug their beaks into Brother’s large back.


Sana raised a short scream.
No matter how good Brother was at taking a beating, that was dangerous.

Me and Sana hurried towards their location.
However, because the number of surrounding monsters was still large, couldn’t close in as we wanted.
Sana’s accuracy with her whip also decreased because she was getting impatient.

“Sana! Big Brother is surely alright. That’s why calm down some!”

My own movements had grown duller as well out of worry for Brother.
For myself as well I raised my voice at Sana.

Sana calmed down a bit from hearing my words, but she still wasn’t in her usual shape.
As I was thinking that this might be a bit bad, I could hear voices.


Looking over there were .. Ah! Aren-kun and Thoma!
Those two were speeding over here on horses.

“Are you alright, Ririina-sama?”

Aren-kun called out to me in a worried voice.
Of course, even during that those two were starting to fight the monsters.

“Me and Sana are fine. However, Big Brother is in danger right now because he is fighting while covering for his subordinates. We want to get closer, but the number of monsters is still this large.”

Upon my words Aren-kun and Thoma were looking over towards Brother’s direction.
Even those two were obviously thinking ‘crap’ when seeing Brother in a rare setting of inferiority.

“Ririina, we are too, now. We’ll absolutely save Ricardo-sama. So don’t make that face.”

Thoma looked over at me with a worried gaze.
It appears I made an uneasier expression than I had thought.
But right, now that they have arrived as well I’m sure it will still be fine!



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Translator’s notes

I do wonder what Ririina would have done otherwise. As far as I’m aware she should still have at least one more hand she could deal for great effect. She briefly considered that back when she planned to take on 15 people on her on who held hostages to boot. Before she defeated them regardless.
And hey, Thoma’s first appearance in .. 20ish chapters or so.

Brother, appears ③


The three of us hurriedly rode our horses to the scene.
No matter how much they were knights of the order, having to face off against a large number of monsters that they weren’t used to would be bad.
The might even be injured people already ..

For sure, Brother said ‘our medicine is really effective’ to cheer his subordinates on but there’s no point if you can’t apply it anymore.
The plan is to have Sana and Anjiu-sama treat the wounded while I confront the monsters.
In fact, wouldn’t the recovery be quicker if they were treated by two cute girls instead of some sordid men.

In any case, it would be for the best if no one had come to harm.

After we had ridden for a whole we could hear voices.
And moreover, several of them.
Sana and Anjiu-sama appeared to have noticed them as well and were looking over in that direction.

Good! There they are.
We headed over in that direction.
As we drew closer .. Brother and Alek-sama weren’t there but a number of people wearing the clothes of the order were fighting against monsters.
As expected, since this wasn’t their usual environment they seemed to struggle to inflict any lethal wounds on their enemies.
There were around 10 knights, and what’s more all of them were already wounded.
Regarding the monsters it was a flock of wolf-types. Their number was 1,2, 3 it seemed.
For injured people that number was impossible. Though it would have probably still been impossible even if they weren’t ..

I spurned my horse and and closed the distance all at once.
The monsters took notice of me.
But you know, you’re too slow?

I jumped off the horse and gave the monsters a greeting kick as a preemption.
The monsters appeared surpised by the sudden attack on them.
On that note, the knights were just as dumbfounded.
It’s fine already, so I wish everyone would go evacuate.

Maa, I can surely leave up that kind of follow up to Sana, so let’s kill those monsters for a start!

Having their comrade kicked away by me who suddenly appeared in their midst, they directed their hostility towards me.
Good good, if you’re going to aim for someone, aim for me.
I brandished my sword and charged towards the monsters.

From there began my unrivaled sphere of domination.
I killed the monsters that got closer to me themselves.
The enemy was coming to me on their own, so that was comfortable.

And quickly there was only one monster remained.
But that one may have gone mad and suddenly charged in the direction of the knights.
Perhaps it thought that it could win if it was someone beside me.
But you see .. I wasn’t worried.
As I returned my blade to it’s scabbard I leisurely looked over to the knights, no, over to Sana.

However, even I hadn’t expected this scene ..
I totally thought that, as always, Sana would be the one punishing the monster with her whip, but to think that Anjiu-sama would use that .. rod, to hit like that.
Where did that rod appear from, I wonder?
Did she conceal it inside her skirt like Sana does.
Are? She’s not wearing a skirt today ..

And thanks to aiming straight for it’s vital spots, she defeated it all on her own.
Ara~~, the knights of the order are also all very surprised~.

Everyone was rubbing their eyes as if they couldn’t believe it.
As expected of someone that had been acknowledged by Sana.

After I confirmed that there weren’t any more monsters around I returned to the others.

When they noticed me a person that looked like their leader approached me.

“E, erm, you are the Commander’s Younger Sister, aren’t you?”

“Eeh, is everyone alright? And speaking of, where are the others?”

“A-ano I .. no, we [1] were fighting against the monsters too until a short while ago, but because the number of injured increased more and more the Commander ordered us to retreat for the moment. But in the process of that we got attacked again by crowd of monsters .. if you hadn’t come we would have gotten completely defeated. Thank you very much!”

Saying so the leaderish person deeply bowed his head.
Imitating that the rest of the knights did as well.

“Please raise your heads. In any case please head for a save location from here.”

And to Anjiu I spoke:

“Anjiu-sama, your fighting form before was splendid. By all means let us go fight together next time. And for such a you I have a request. Please escort these people to a save location. I do think the way we came should be fine, but another group such as this one may appear. I and Sana will be heading to Big Brother’s location. I have no one but Anjiu-sama that I could ask this of right now.”

“.. Ririina-sama praised my fighting figure .. and even requested something of me .. . Ririina-oneesama! I will certainly bring everyone to a save location! Which is why, next time, please take me along with you!”

“Eeh, let us fight together next time. Now then, we are going to go on ahead. I’ll be depending on you, Anjiu-sama.”

Stating thus me and Sana once again hurried ahead on our horses.
It’s Brother so I do think it will be fine, but even for him it could become difficult if he has to cover for the others.
After riding our horses for a bit we could again see human figures.
That is .. Alek-sama.
It doesn’t seem like he is fighting.
As we got closer he noticed us as well.

“Ririina-sama! Why have you come here?

“Alek-sama, there has been reports that a massive amount of monsters have made an appearance. We even met the people that were supposed to be retreating once getting attacked. Of course, we rescued them so there is no need to worry.”

“Ririina-sama, thank you very much. For saving my group members. .. the Commander is acting as the rear guard so that we too managed to evacuate until here. I do think it is a mistake to ask this of you, Ririina-sama .. but please, would you help me to save the commander? Right now, there is almost no one who could move to still stand against monsters left. The Commander said he would be fine but even with that I am worried.”

Ara, that Brother of mine is actually acting like a proper Commander and protecting his troops, huh.
Looking at Sana even now she looks ready to dash ahead anytime.
I know, I know, you’re worried for that Brother, aren’t you.
There is this and that but ultimately Sana is kind.
Alright, let’s go save him!



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Translator’s notes


[1] He first uses Ore, then Watashi(-tachi) after correcting himself. Basically, he is correcting his speech to be more neutral.

(0) It doesn’t really come across in the chapter that clearly, but from what I could gather the situation is as follows: The order was fighting the main body of the monsters, and some people got injured – they were ordered to retreat. This is the first group we met. Later on the main body of the order was ordered to retreat, being led by Alek. They were fighing on their retreat as well, same as the first group. The first group got saved, the main group finished on their own. The only one’s still fighting is now the rear guard being led by Ricardo, holding back the main body of the monsters.

Brother, appears ➁


After that the troops seemed to divide themselfs up into groups of a number of people each.
In each group there would without fail be at least one person who had experience fighting monsters, it seemed.
To be honest I had wanted to join them, but as this was training I refrained.

Nevertheless, Brother too was actually doing a proper job, wasn’t he~
While I had forgotten because I always saw him getting punished by Mother’s fists, he was the order’s commander after all.
Not Leon-sama’s babysitter.

It looked like the troops had finished grouping up and were now going to depart.
While holding back my feelings of wanting to join them, I saw them off.

Now then, what shall I do.
Ever since I had returned to the territory, if there was a need I had gone out monster hunting, patrolling and been making medicine, it’s been very busy.
The fact those these were all primarily connected to monsters was .. well, the backlash of what I’ve been doing so far.

Come to think of it, Sana said that Anjiu-sama was getting depressed because I only ever spend time with Aren-kun monster hunting.
Alright, let’s join Anjiu-sama today.
Where could she be~

Realising that I began searching for something, Aren-kun called out to me.

“Ririina-sama, are you searching for something?”

“Ah, Aren. Do you know where Anjiu-sama is right now?”

“Anjiu? In that case she was doing something with Sana-san some time ago. I think they are probably in Anjiu’s room.”

“Is that so. Sana and Anjiu-sama have been close to each other, recently.”

“I agree~ I often see those two sticking their heads together getting fired up about something. Well, it’s probably about me anyway.”

“Hm? About you? Did something happen?”

“Not at all, it’s nothing Ririina-sama needs to concern herself with. They are just getting amused by themselves, after all.”

Ending the topic Aren-kun said ‘Then, I’ll be going out on patrol.’ and left.
Are? Out on patrol, you say?
In that case me too .. no, that’s bad.
I remember now, I always go along with this pattern and end up patrolling the area with Aren-kun, which is why I never spend time with Anjiu-sama.
That was close, that was close.

Entering the mansion I headed for Anjiu-sama’s room.
Now then, around here.

I arrived in front of it.
Knocking on the door Anjiu-sama responded from inside ‘It’s open, so come on in~’.
Saying ‘Excuse me’ I thus entered.

“Waah! Ririina-oneesama!”

Let out Anjiu-sama with a surprised voice seeing me.
If you get that surprise even I will get startled.

“Good day, Anjiu-sama. Ara, Sana isn’t with you?”

Inside the room there was Anjiu-sama but not Sana.

“Ah, if it’s Sana-san she was here until a while ago. So you had some business with Sana-san, yes?”

Saying so the suddenly turned obviously gloomier.
It appeared she misunderstood that I had come here because of Sana.

“Ehm, I’m sorry for causing a misunderstanding. It’s not like I had some business with Sana. I came here in order to meet Anjiu-sama.”

Upon my words a smile returned to her face.
Having a younger sister may feel like this.

“S-so you came here to meet me? Uh, I’m glad~”

Anjiu-sama started crying a bit.
Eh, wait! That much? To make you cry?
I hurriedly handed her a handkerchief.

“Anjiu-sama, please use this. You even have such a cute face ..”

Upon which Anjiu-sama turned red.
While covering her face with the handkerchief she muttered something while squirming.
‘Uuh~~ Ririina-oneesama is a man amongst men~~. How cool–‘

I couldn’t hear those strange things but it appeared her tears had stopped so let’s say all was fine.

“Uh~~, I’m sorry for crying. By the way, that means your business was with me then, yes.”

Anjiu-sama looked at me with glittering eyes.
What do I do, I didn’t really have any reason in particular.

“Let’s see, you may call it business .. er, I haven’t spent any time with Anjiu-sama lately, so I thought to come meet you today .. so no business in particular.”

I told her the truth.
I wondered what I should do if she cried again, but as I watched Anjiu-sama ..
Eh? A whole faced smile?

“You have really come to meet me just because then, right! Ririina-oneesama, to me!”

Looking truly happy she wriggled her body.
Yes, from now on I’ll visit you regularily so please calm down.
If a cute girl moved like that it’d be bad.
I made it a point in my heart to go meet her more frequently from now on.


At that moment the sound of a knock resounded through the room.
“Ye-s!” answered Anjiu-sama while opening the door in high spirits.

“Excuse me.”

The one that came in was Sana.

“Ah, this is where you were, Ririina-sama.”

Sana made a relieved look, confirming that.
Did she look for me?

“Ara, Sana, did you look for me? Did something happen?”

“Yes, the truth is there has been contact from the people that left earlier on patrol that monsters have appeared. However, it seems that in the direction the troops of the order left for a splendid number of them appeared, so Liesa-sama said to have you go there. It seems like everyone else is out right now and can’t move right away.”

“Understood, I’ll head there now.”

Of course I would immediately head out in this case.
Saa, let’s go!
As I was trying to leave the room:

“Ririina-oneesama! Please would you take me along with you?”

Eh? Of course not. It’s dangerous, you know?
As I was hesitating Sana joined the conversation.

“Ririina-sama, I will be joining you as well. Anjiu-sama will be fine even if you take her along. She is quiet strong herself, after all.”

Eh? Is that so?
Those two have truly gotten close, haven’t they.

“In that case let us hurry and head out. Fufu, today will be a girls-only monster hunt then.”

Otherwise I would always go out with Aren-kun and Thoma, so this felt fresh.
But this seemed fun in it’s own way.
Indeed, but this was still saving people, after all! Let’s get fired up and go!
We quickly completed our preparations and left the mansion.


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Translator’s notes

Probably the fastest chapter I translated so far.

Brother, appears


Brother would be returning home. That said he didn’t get fired from the chivalric order.
He was bringing along the order for the sake of training.
We had monsters as much as they liked so it would be monster subjugation practise.

In that case I wonder if it would be alright for me to accompany them?
Actually, I’d be happy to take care of a number of people myself ..

As if knowing what I was thinking about Sana wordlessly shook her head.
I suppose not ..
Hmpf, I’ll just bring Aren-kun along then.
Aren-kun told me that he wanted me not to call him with any honorifics, but that would be kind of embarassing, so in my mind I was adding -kun to his name.

With all that said, it’s been a while since I last saw Brother.
Maa, it’s him so he’s probably needlessly healthy.

It appears Brother and everyone from the order had arrived.
For the time being should I at least go greet them.
I went outside to where Brother and the others were.
Yes yes, everyone was armed to the extend you would think ‘you’re going to enter training like that’. [1]
Now then, where was that Brother of mine?

Ah, there he is.
And he’s even with Aren-kun’s elder brother the vice commander.
In that case I must greet them properly.

“Big Brother, it has been a while. Is everyone going fine?”

“Oh, Ririina. Aah, been a while. Have you been doing good as well?”

Yes, Brother seemed full of energy. Well, I hadn’t doubted it ..
More importantly, the vice commander next to him.
I greeted him with my best smile.

“This is the first time we have been able to meet like this, isn’t it. I am the Younger Sister, Ririina. My Older Brother is always in your care.”

“Aah, how courteous. I am the vice commander of the chivalric order, Alek. From my side as well, my younger brother and sister have been under your care.”

Saying so Alek showed me a gentle smile.
Aah, what a good person Brother’s right hand man is.
Those glasses suit him very well.
In this case I very much want him to forever deal wi .. kohon, to give it his best as my Brother’s assistant.
In fact, it was surely because of this person that my Brother could act as freely as he did.

“Aren .. no, Aren-sama is always helping me out. More importantly, thank you very much for always supporting my Big Brother.”

I lowered my head deeply thinking of the usual hardships he must face.

“Ririina-sama, please raise your head. I am working as the vice commander because I like it. That’s why, please do not mind it.”

Said Alek with a light wink as if trying to relieve my feelings.
Kuu~~ really, what a good person.
Yoshi, if Brother happens to cause troubles for such a good person I’ll present him with my fist!
Is what I secretly decided in my heart.

“Ah, Ririina. Why is the assumption that I’m causing trouble here?”

“Ara, Big brother. Aren’t you?”

” .. maa, somewhat.”

The fact that Brother has some awareness of it means that he absolutely is causing trouble.
I’m sorry! Alek-sama!

During all this Aren-kun came out.


Aren-kun run over to Alek-sama happily.
Alek-sama in turn showed a smile towards Aren-kun whom he hadn’t seen in a while.

“It’s been a while, Aren. Have you been doing well?”

“Yes! Together with Anjiu we have been doing great. Ririina-sama is being very good to us.”

“That’s great. Ririina-sama, I honestly thank you very much. For taking in my younger siblings. The time I had spent with them may have been short but they are still my important family. I do think they are causing trouble as well, but please look after them from now on too.”

Alek-sama was looking at Aren-kun with a gentle smile.
He must really be precious to him.
It’s alright! I’ll make sure to protect them.
More importantly ..

“Not at all, I know that my Brother will unmistakingably cause more trouble than that. In fact he already is, or so .. But I’ll really, really leave this Brother in your care.”

Upon my words Alek-sama burst out laughing.

“Kuku, the commander and Ririina-sama are really getting along well with each other, aren’t you. I understand, Ririina-sama, I’ll take responsibility to look after that commander. Therefore please don’t worry.”

” .. look after, you say, I, am, the commander you know ..”

Grumbled Brother, but got ignored.
After all he most certainly is causing trouble wherever.
I can’t imagine this Brother sitting behind a desk doing clerical work.

Somehow the troops surrounding us who had listened in on our back and forth were also laughing.
It was as if we were some spectacle.
Realising that Brother raised his voice at the troops.

“Alright, everyone who just laughed go bring me 5 monsters you killed yourself. It’ll be fine, if you do it like your lifes are on the line you might just be able to. In addition we got some really effective medicine here, so don’t worry.”

Declared Brother grinning.
The soldiers hearing that turned blue.
Well of course, people who lived in the capital wouldn’t even have encountered a monster before.
To add to that, normally speaking defeating a monster on your own was already difficult.

“Commander .. 5 might be a bit tough, after all.”

Ooh, as expected of Alek-sama!
He’s going to stop Brother’s rampage, isn’t he?

“Maa, 3 should be reasonable, though.”

You are .. not going to stop him?
Ah, Alek-sama is declaring this looking at the troops with an amazing smile.
I see, Alek-sama had such a good disposition ..

Brother next to him said ‘Isn’t Alek more of a ..’ a bit startled.
As expected, he won’t lose out even to that Brother.
I admired him somewhat strangely.



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Translator’s notes

And thus the final segment of my translation has started. 5 chapters to go.

[1] Not sure I got that right. The intention, as far as I understood, is that they were armed more than you would commonly expect from mere training. For reference : うんうん、みんな訓練にこのまま入るのか武装している。

My treasure


My name is Christopher.
In truth I had an even longer, tedious name.
My nickname is Chris.
Because of this nickname and my face, in the past I got mistaken for a girl often.

Frankly speaking, I do not remember how many times some love was confessed to me.
It was all from guys, after all ..
Moreover, there were even two particular bad idiots that asked for my hand in marriage.
One of them later stole my treasure away.

In the past I had a weak constitution, and the occassions I had to spend in bed were numerous.
From what many doctors eventually found out, a certain medical herb that only grew in a certain territory in a neighbouring country would have effect.
And as luck would have it, the one that governed said territory happened to be an aquaintance of my parents.
Thanks to that I could go there for recuperation.

For the first time after arriving at the territory, as expected, I was still spending time in a bed.
However, I didn’t get bored.
As for why, that is because there was a girl there alike a cute angel.

Because I only had brothers, I had a something similar to a longing feeling for a little sister.
The one that appeared there was Ririina.

At first she got brought along to my place by her elder brother Ricardo.
Well, that Ricardo was also a problem ..
There was an occassion where these siblings misunderstood me as being a girl.
That guy didn’t treat me like you would someone of the same sex and similar age.
But I, who liked interesting things, didn’t clear up their misunderstanding and left it at that.

Especially Ririina, I thought, might stop coming over to play if she knew that I was a boy. (1)
Ririina always came talking to me so cheerfully.
But about 90% of those stories were about the monsters she hunted ..
There aren’t really many, are there, girls like that ..

“Chris-sama~~! How is your bodies’ condition today?” [1]

“Good day, Ririina. Today it’s relatively good. Did Ririina come to tell me some interesting story?”

“Yes! To be honest I went out monster hunting with Big Brother yesterday. And there appeared a strange monster that we hadn’t ever seen before.”

“Hee~. What kind of monster?”

If I said something thoughtless like ‘It’s dangerous so stop going on monster hunts’ here Ririina would surely not come visit me again, is what I considered.
Unaware of such calculations, Ririina cheerfully talked about the monsters.

“You see, it was a big star.”

“Star? The stars that float in the sky?”

“Yes! but saying that it wasn’t yellow, the one we saw yesterday was red. And it was also sort of wet.”

A wet star-type .. a sea star?
Why, I wonder? There shouldn’t be any sea close by here.

“You saw that monster for the first time, didn’t you? Was there anything else strange?”

“Hm, that’s it for yesterday. But Big Brother said he recently saw fish flying in the air.”

Fish flying in the air, huh, those would be flying fish?
Be that as it may, really, why would such things appear in an area that didn’t have any sea, I wonder.
It would be several years later that that question reached an answer.

The feelings I directed at Ririina during this time were with certainty those one would have for a younger sister.
I honestly lost track of the number of times I thought to myself to just return to my country taking her back with me due to her adorability.

But there is something I want to tell my past self. ‘Why did you not bring her with you and return at that time!’ that is.
If I had taken her away, even forcibly, then we wouldn’t have got taken by that idiot, and Ririina would have never been troubled by this farce of a foolish cancelling of the engagement.
If it was me I could have indulged Ririina in syrupy sweetness until she could no longer see anything but me. (2)

However, in that case I would have probably never thought of her as anything but a little sister.
It churns up my insides but for making me realise my feelings after having her stolen away alone I have to thank that idiot.
I, too, was still naive.

Even after Ririina became that idiot’s fiancee I continued to gather information on her.
Obtaining information like that, I had any number of ways.
Ririina, with her characteristic guts, steadily progressed through that harsh Queen training.
But then of all things for that guy to declare a breaking off their engagement.
When I heard of that I involuntarily broke out in laughter.
Despite having finally been about ready to give up, that guy went and destroyed the happiness he had obtained through no merit on his own .. For me this was a once in a lifetime chance.
If I let this go I felt I would have never another chance to bind our fates together.

From then I acted quickly.
I caught the count of the territory that just so happened to stay in our country at the time and went back with him to that territory.
Ririina, who I hadn’t seen in a long time, .. had become beautiful.
How unhappy am I not to have seen the progress of that, is what I lamented.

The Ririina who I had met at that time was very amusing.
Widening her large to begin with eyes even further, she made a surprised expression.
She had thought of me as a girl it turned out after all. As expected of Ririina.

Now then, this is finally a chance to return my treasure to me.
But if I got impatient and failed here, then this time I would be able to overlap our fates anymore, this time for sure.
To he who waits good things come. [2]
For the time being, in order to make Ririina my bride, although annoying, there is a need to return to my country once.
Before I eradicate that bunch of hyenas aiming for the status of my wife I can’t welcome Ririina with peace of mind.

At the opportunity when, after the revolt, the previous engagement got cancelled I completed the first stage for now by telling her to come with me to my country.

“Ririina, I will return to my country once. But I will return right away so don’t you be bad and follow anyone else, you hear.” [3]

Saying so, I placed a kiss on Ririina’s back of the hand.

“Eh, a, ano, Chris-sama.”

She was shaken, which was rare.
That was a good tendency.

“Haha, you can’t let down your guard around guys, you hear. You are fascinating, after all. That’s why, you must absolutely not carelessly get close to any guys, you hear.”

Ririina became red.
How cute~, isn’t fine to just take her with me right now?
However, I can’t have this precious treasure get harmed.
I need to eliminate anything that may possibly harm her, even if the chance is low.
That why I must endure for just a bit longer.

I will never again hand over my treasure.



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Translator’s notes

I .. think the chapter speaks loudly and clearly for itself. The guy seems more villainous now than anything else. In fact, if the author actually ends up making him into a villain that would have been an incredible built-up so far then. I haven’t read as far as his next appearance (we’re closing in on the last chapter I have read at the moment) so I’ve no idea, honestly.

[1] Just like in ???’s Dream she still talks proper as a child. But -sama for example is written in Hiragana, as opposed to Kanji, signifying that she is still very young here.
[2] I admit, I made this one up. The original line might be a set phrase I’m not familiar with, but looking at the contents it should be pretty much the same meaning : 慎重かつ大胆に事を運ばねば。
[3] You know that phrase you tell children not to follow strangers? Yeah, that’s the one.

(1) Something tells me the guy might have had better chances in the present if he had just come out and cleared things up at this point. It’s Ririina, she probably wouldn’t care if you were a spirit or alien either.
(2) Scary ..

The Twin’s Goddess


We have a goddess.
For there to be such a wonderful person in this world, and on top of that to be able to stay close to her .. is this a paradise on earth?
Is what I am often talking about with my older twin sister.

I, as well as my sister Anjiu, have completely become Ririina-sama’s captives.
In a certain meaning, if there was such a thing as a Ririina faith I have absolute confidence I would belive in it.
But recently it seems there are times when my and Anjiu’s opinions don’t fully overlap anymore.

The recent me has, from time to time, times when .. well .. I think of Ririina-sama as c-cute.
When I tell this to Anjiu she looks at me with a meaningful gaze and says ‘Even Aren has at last decided to participate in the battle, huh~’.
What battle, she wouldn’t say.
I wonder whether even I can become a man capable of standing at Ririina-sama’s side.

Right now, the one who stood closest to Ririina-sama, though vexing to admit, must have been Christopher-sama, I suppose.
He had the social standing, was older, and he probably had the open-mindedness to indulge Ririina-sama as well.
However, I, too, can’t just stand by and watch.
Speaking of points that I can appeal with to Ririina-sama .. it’d be this first!

Ririina-sama held interest in my bare-handed style.
The point she had an interest in was a bit strange, but that’s unmistakably like Ririina-sama.
I often accompany Ririina-sama when she goes monster hunting.
Or rather, pretty much every time.

The other day as well we went out to hunt down an outbreak of slime-type monsters.
They weren’t strong, but their numbers and difficulty to kill them were problematic.
The weakness of a slime was the core floating inside it’s body, that’s what made it move.
That is why when defeating them speed was the main demand. In a way it was most suitable to me and Ririina-sama.
At that time, in the end me and Ririina-sama ended up defeating most of them.

Ririina-sama was a great sword wielder as expected.
That Ririina-sama was closely observing me as I was fighting the slimes.

I was of course fighting them barehanded.
I incessantly quickly made sure of the cores in their bodies and launched my fists.
The slimes that got their cores damaged couldn’t maintain there form and collapsed on the spot.

“As expected! The techniques Aren-sama can draw out from that fist!”

Ririina-sama happily touched my fist with both her hands.

“To bring out that skill from this hand!”

She said as she fondled my fist.
Perhaps because the males she had gotten close to so far were people like Leon and her Brother Ricardo, she had no sense of danger towards guys it seemed.
Isn’t it bad to so easily grasp the hand of a guy and pat it like that?
What’s more, if Ririina-sama who I carry favour for, does such a thing ..

However, I won’t do a stupid thing like shaking her off out of embarassment here.
After all, this is a valuable moment where she comes into contact  with me of her own.
I would want to feel this happiness for even a bit longer, right?
I had Ririina-sama touch my hands until she was satisfied.

“.. ah.”

Ririina-sama finally realised the fact that she was holding my hand.
It seemed she got embarassed that she had held onto it for so long.

“A, ano, Aren-sama .. how to say it, I’m sorry for touching you like that!”

Is she perhaps being a bit conscious of me?
She apologized to me with slightly red cheeks.

“Not at all, I am glad that Ririina-sama would have an interest in it. Also, this has been on my mind for a while now, you can call me Aren. Appending -sama to me isn’t necessary.”

“Eh, but ..”

“Right now I am someone who one sidedly asked of Ririina-sama, and is taken care of in this territory by you. If you appended such a honorific to me despite that I would be embarassed for it.”

I purposefully showed her a troubled face.
To which Ririina-sama resolved herself and called my name.

“I, I understand. Then A-Aren. This is fine, isn’t it?”

Ririina-sama is calling my name without honorifics in an unused manner.
Uwah~ I’m even happier than I thought.

“Yes, thank you very much! Also, you don’t need to use formal language with me either, so I’ll request that the next time, alright.”

Ririina-sama made a troubled face in response.
That face is cute as well~ though thinking that has to be proof that have completely fallen for her, I guess.
Or more like, how the heck did that Leon ever manage to treat this lovely Ririina-sama with an attitude like that.
I’m sure gynophobia is something difficult for outsiders to understand, but couldn’t he have managed something for her sake.
I do feel bad for Leon for saying this, but if it was me I could accomplish anything for her!
I respect her to that extend, and right now there are feelings sprouting within me that go even beyond that.
Honestly I think there are many rivals, but I have no intention to lose.
But, nothing has changed about the fact that Ririina-sama’s happiness is the most important to me, which is why I wish that if possible I will be the one to make her happy.

— around that time

Anjiu and Sana, who had gotten close to each other, were in the middle of talking in the mansion of the territory.

” .. and with that Aren has finally entered the battlefield as well, you see~.”

“Ara, Aren-sama decided so only now? I had the impression he had done so quite a bit ago, but ..”

“Well, the person in question probably wasn’t aware and unconsciously doing so.”

“In that case, since Chris-sama as well has returned to his country, now would be his chance, wouldn’t it?”

“That’s right~ He absolutely has to give it his best! If, in the case that Aren ends up marrying Ririina-sama, … Ririina-sama as my sister-in-law .. fufu, I might end up dying out of happiness~~!!”

“Anjiu-sama is liable to running wild, as well. .. As for me, as long as it is someone who can make Ririina-sama happy, they would be fine. I hope someone like that appears soon.”



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Translator’s notes

A new challenger appeared! Ready? Fight!